A brand of LP-s system


Preserve Milk Naturally

Technique which we are using

We are using the LP-s technique for the preservation of raw milk. That is highly recommended by Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC).

Importance of Milksafe

Milkosafe is a product developed and offered by Exon Scientific, a company specializing in food safety and preservation solutions. It serves as a milk preservative, designed to extend the shelf life of milk and dairy products while maintaining their quality and safety.

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Why Milkosafe?

Milkosafe is a revolutionary milk preservative designed to extend the shelf life of milk while maintaining its freshness, quality, and purity. We recognize the need for milk that stays as nature intended, and we’ve developed a solution that achieves just that.

Usage Instructions

Using Milkosafe is simple:

Shake the Milkosafe bottle well.
Add the recommended dosage to your milk, following the guidelines on the label.
Stir gently to distribute Milkosafe evenly.
Store your milk as usual, following standard refrigeration practices.

We are certified by PCSIR Laboratories Pakistan

Key Benefits


Milkosafe is primarily used by dairy processors and manufacturers to improve the safety and shelf life of milk and dairy products. By inhibiting bacterial growth, it allows for the production of safer, longer-lasting dairy items.

Quality Assurance

Exon Scientific is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of product quality and safety. Milkosafe undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets all relevant regulations and standards, guaranteeing a product you can trust.

Savage of milk at different temperatures using "Milkosafe".

Temperature (C°) Time (hour)
6 Days
(Although milk provides excellent health benefits, the storage time may be longer)

Prepared according to Approved:



CAC/Gl 13-1991

(Guidelines for the preservation of raw milk by use of the lactoperoxidase system.)

Join the Milkosafe Revolution

Experience the convenience, freshness, and purity of milk preserved by Milkosafe. Say goodbye to the worries of milk spoilage and hello to more significant savings and health benefits.


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